Motor and Pump Repair, Maintenance & Emergency Services

We are a multi-faceted provider of repair and rebuilding of mechanical components such as motors, pumps, head pulleys, gearboxes, gear reducers, machine shop, hoists, fans, blowers, motor controls, welding, maintenance, repair, commissioning, and engineering. Whether it’s an armature, field coil, motor, stator, or anything else that requires winding, we can repair it!

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  • Specialty Commercial C-11 Electrical Licenses – License Holder / Qualifying Member
  • Goulds Water Technology Turbine Pump Proficiency
  • Seminar ABS Submersible Pump Repair
  • ABB Certificates
  • ASE Certified Mechanics
  • Confined Space Certified
  • OSHA Certified
  • MSHA Certified

Our Commitment

Over the last few years, Pumpman Phoenix has built an expansive customer base resulting from quality and service. As a fully licensed and bonded electrical contractor and EASA member, Pumpman Phoenix is more than qualified to handle any electromechanical issue that may arise, and we look forward to continually increasing our overall service and repair capabilities in the Greater Phoenix Area.

Scott Sleeth
General Manager